How to Exercise on Your Own-Part 1

Following up my first post about setting SMART goals, I wanted to write about how do we actually make these fitness goals a reality. In this post I will refer to exercise goals; if you are one of the individuals who has always wished to exercise but for some reason you haven’t been able to continue with your exercise routine in the long term, this post may provide you with new insight. I have come up with five steps to help you exercise on your own. I will discuss the first three on this post and include the last two on the next post. I really hope you find this information to be helpful 😊

Steps to exercise on your own:

  • Step 1: Make a decision to commit to exerciseYou are the only who can make that decision. I really want you to think about the why of exercise and getting in shape? It is not just about the achieving outside looks or possibly helping you get to an immediate goal like fitting on your wedding dress or losing weight for your high school reunion. You gotta think more of a personal and deeper reason that will help you stay motivated. A lot of the times we get excited and start a new years resolution but as the months go by, life starts to get on the way and all of the excitement wears off. I want you to think into yourself and reflect on why is it important for you to stay healthy and be fit? Is it to be able to carry your grocery bags up the stairs and not feel out of breath? Is it to be able to play with your young children and don’t feel exhausted? Is it to be able to just have more energy through the day and don’t drink as much caffeine? Is it so you feel like you accomplished something you never thought you could? Is it to lower your blood pressure and chances of getting heart disease? Or your doctor has warned you that change needs to happen? Everyone has his/her own reasons; you need to find one that speaks to you and will become the driving force of your actions. Once you found this reason, it is time to do and get into action.
  • Step 2: Look over your weekly schedule and set specific times a day to exercise. Add it to your calendar.
    • Start small: 1-2 times per week is a good start for beginners if you are already exercising 2 times per week, commit to adding one extra day. I recommend adding one or two extra days to what you are already doing. Adding more than this can build up into burnout. Your body needs to get used to the new routine. You can stay with this new routing, making for about 4-5 weeks. If you feel like this has been good with your schedule and want to add another day, then do it. If you feel you struggle with this routine, then I will stay with it and NOT add any more days.
    • 30 mins is a good start for an exercise routine. For beginners, start with this time and add after 4-5 weeks
  • Step 3: Decide where will you exercise
    • Will it be at a gym? school? Park? Beach? Group Exercise Classes?
    • You can workout anywhere.
    • In addition, your community can offer a variety of options to exercise
  • Here are some to suggest:
    • Parks and recreation classes: check your local parks and recreation website. Most of the times these classes run for 10-16weeks at an affordable price. These classes can range from sports relates, swimming, aerobics, kickboxing, Zumba, and more. If you live locally, here are some links you may find helpful:
    • City of El Segundo Parks and Recreation fitness classes:
    • City of Long Beach Parks and Recreation fitness classes:
    • Adult school or community colleges: same as your local parks and recreation. Here are some links for local places:
    • City of Downy adult school:
    • City of Huntington Beach Adult school:
    • Join a gym: check your local gyms! Most of them would offer group exercises classes and cardio and resistance training equipment to workout on your own.
    • High school or local track and field: Check your local high school track and use to workout!
    • Parks, beaches, and just the streets (running): you can run outside or if your local parks offer stairs, you can use them! Stairs provide a great leg workout.
  • On the next post…Step 4 & 5

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