Keep On Moving!!

So my previous post focused on providing you with ideas and sample workouts. Today I will focus on the importance of staying in track and making sure you keep yourself accountable.

Remember, consistency is the key when creating adopting a new habit. You want to make sure you keep coming back to your workouts no matter the circumstances that you may encounter in your lifestyle. It is important that you are patient and do not beat yourself if you missed a workout. I always say this: “it’s more important that you come back and keep trying than never come back.” Here are some of my suggestions:

  • Keep a journal: writing the days and times you exercised will allow you to see what you actually did and provide you with a visual on specifics such as the length of the workout, the intensity, the type, and more. You will also be able to see the days that you didn’t workout and possibly encourage you more to stay committed.
  • Set a specific time and day to exercise: Set a specific time and day to exercise. In this way, you are unconsciously setting your mind into committing to this activity. It also allows you to have a clear picture of when in the day you will exercise. It is important that you write this down in your calendar or save it on your phone. Again, this will make it more clear and specific in your mind. You can also set reminders with your phone.
  • Use technology to your benefit! Download fitness apps that will provide you with workouts to follow such as the NTC app. You can also check out youtube videos. You can find a variety of workouts to choose.
  • Most important….KEEP ON MOVING!!!! I can’t stress this anymore! You need to stay active and keep on moving. Maybe you are too busy in the day and you don’t get a chance to “exercise” like going to the gym or doing a workout. Just keep yourself moving like walking around through the day instead of sitting for too many hours. Take the stairs instead of the elevator. If you feel like you are sitting for too long, get up and move!! Don’t stay sitting for too long!! Here is where I “lecture” you. The reason why I say to keep on moving is due to the vast research and evidence supporting that a sedentary lifestyle has a direct link with incidences of cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and some types of cancers. Yes, being sedentary increases your chances for chronic disease and mortality!! A sedentary lifestyle means that an individual DOES NOT engage in regular physical activity on a regular basis. Just FYI, physical activity means any movement of the body that uses energy such as going up the stairs, mowing the lawn, cleaning your apartment or home, taking out the trash and any other household activities. Exercise, on the other hand, has a purpose and goal such as jogging for 30 mins or taking a spin class.  
  • And my final question to you is: are you gonna keep on moving?!!

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