How to Exercise on Your Own-Part 2

On this post, I will share the last two steps of exercising by your own 🙂

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  • Step 4: Decide what exercises you will do and create your exercise program
    • If you are not able to enroll, take a group exercise class or have a personal trainer, then your other option will be to create and design your own workout routine.
    • Make sure you include the following:
    • Always have a warm-up and cool-down
    • Warm-up:
    • Warms your muscles for the workout and gets you ready for what’s to come.
    • Make sure you include exercises that are similar to what you will be doing. Ex: if running, then choose a light jog/walk.
    • Make sure you choose exercises that use major muscle groups such as squats, lunges, jumping jacks.
    • Intensity should not be too high. You can include some cardio exercises to get blood circulation to your legs
    • You can include dynamic stretching
    • Cool-down
    • Brings your circulation back to normal
    • Brings your heart rate back to normal
    • Lower intensity exercises
    • Stretching
    • Conditioning:
    • You perform the exercise that produces fitness benefits, such as calorie burning, building endurance or muscle strengthening
    • It encompasses the main portion of the workout
    • Aerobic activities include: running outside or treadmill, elliptical, stairs inside or outside, jump rope, cycling
    • Each of these activities will have a warm-up and cool-down
    • If using a treadmill, elliptical, bike, or stairmaster, you can pick one of the workouts offered by the machine
    • Or
    • Design your own workout
    • Here is a sample running workout I created for you. It is designed to run on a treadmill
    • Remember, on treadmill 5% grade (incline) means to add 5.0 on the incline, 10% grade is to add 10 on the incline, 15% grade is to add 15 on the incline
    • This workout is based on your fastest pace being 6mph. This means that the fastest pace you can run in one minute is 6mph.
    • Sample Workout #1: Running on the Treadmill
    • 30min workout at 1% grade (incline)
    • Warm-up: walk/jog for 5 mins 2.5mp to 4mph
    • Conditioning: 20mins
    • 4mins: 1min jog/run 4.5mph-1min walking recovery-Repeat X 2
    • 4mins: 1min run 5mph-1min walk-Repeat X 2
    • 4mins: 1min run 5.5mph-1min walk-Repeat X 2
    • 4mins: 1min run 6mph-1min walk-Repeat X 2
    • 4mins: 1min run 5.5mph-1min walk-Repeat X 2
    • Cool down: 5mins 2.5mph (make sure you stretch at the end of the workout)
    • Sample Workout #2: Running Outside-Track and Field
    • You can use your local high school or college track and field.
  • Warm-up: walk/jog for 2 laps
    • Conditioning:
    • Run one lap-walk one lap-Repeat x 4 to 5 times. If performing 4 times, you’ll walk/run approx 2 miles. If 5 times, you’ll walk/run approx 2.25 miles. 1 lap is about 0.25miles
    • Cooldown: walk and stretch
    • Sample Workout #3: Run Outside-Track and Field and Stairs: If the track and field has access to stairs, use them too!
    • Warm-up: walk/jog for 2 laps
    • Conditioning:
    • Run 2 laps, stairs 5 times (climbing to the top of the stairs and coming down)-Repeat the laps and stairs X 3-4 rounds
    • Cool-down: walk and stretch
    • Sample Workout #4: Cross-Training-Stairs, jump rope, and run
      • I personally love doing this workout since it is very simple and provides a great burn. You only need a jump rope, stairs, and space to run
    • Warm-up: 5mins walk/run
    • Conditioning: 5min intervals
    • 5mins run, 5mins stairs, 5 mins jump rope-Repeat X 2-3 times
    • Cool down: walk and stretch
    • This is total leg killer!!
These are the “cardiac stairs” I run at CSULA!
This is my jump rope and fanny pack!

  • Circuit Training Workout
    • A circuit workout consists of a series of exercises performed one right after the other with little or no rest in between. The word circuit refers to the series of 8 to 12 exercises that make up the workout.
    • Circuits can be based on repetitions and time. For example, you can do each exercise for 12 repetitions or each exercise for 30secs
    • Cardio Based Circuit: body weight
    • Warm up: 5mins-squats, jumping jacks, lunges, high knees-30secs each X 3 times
    • Conditioning: 5 mins-Every Minute on the Minute (complete exercises in the 1 minute time; if done before 1-minute strikes, break) 
      • 20 skater jumps-R & L (right and left) one rep
      • 30 modified V crunches
      • 20 Burpees
      • 30 Lunges-R & L-one rep
      • 30 Push Ups
      • Recovery 1 min
      • 5 mins-Every Minute on the Minute
      • 20 Jump lunges-R & L-1 rep
      • 30 Mountain climbers-R & L-1 rep
      • 30 Squat Jumps
      • 40 Bicycles-R & L-1 rep
      • 30 High Knees
      • Here are pictures of some of the exercises
Skater Jumps
Modified V-crunches
Jump Lunges

Step 5: Repeat and Repeat

  • The key is consistency, and for you to continue to exercise. I know there will be times where life happens, and you may miss your workouts. This is OK!! 🙂 what matters is that you go back to your workouts!!
  • Even if you absolutely don’t have time to go to the gym or workout on your own, stay active by making small changes like:
  • Take the stairs instead of the elevator whenever possible
  • Park far when going to the mall or grocery store
  • Whenever you feel you are sitting for too long, stand up and move. Get a potty break, move around, start cleaning your apartment or home and do something!
  • Organize fun and healthy hangout activities with your friends like going hiking or working out together.
  • Making these small steps can make a huge difference in your lifestyle and the MOST important thing is that you are taking control of your health and doing something about it!! 🙂
  • Remember, exercise should be fun! Find an activity you enjoy and commit to it!! You got this!!

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